Our Staff on Demand Services are billed a varying pricing levels, relevant to the skill and knowledge level required.  

We incorporate the full cost of labor, benefits, taxes, and overhead into the hourly billing rate.

Over time, our internal Project Management staff work with our Clerical, Core, Advanced, and Specialist staff to understand your needs, document your processes, and seek ways to increase staff efficiency and automation, and decrease total input required to get the same output.

Everyone in Premium Organization tracks their hours in our dedicated timekeeping system.  Every client actively participates in managing the time and cost of staff input into their planned organization staffing solutions.

Use us to build upon the existing talents within your board and volunteers. Strategically insert our qualified staff, at the right level, at the right time. 

Although you may require just a few hours of administrative assistance weekly, we are here all week, ready on demand to fill or schedule your requests when your volunteers call and your deadlines loom. 

We call this Staff on Demand.

From year to year, you may find that you have gained an amazing writer and graphic designer within your volunteer group, but your most talented and able event manager has now retired. 

Plug into any of our well vetted and well trained staff resources one year, and then adjust the service mix with each new board and team.

Premium Organization recognizes that different tasks require different skills sets, and so your Staff on Demand is delivered at different service levels. 

A Friendly Voice...your able Receptionist is already a part of the Office in a Box. 

While anyone can answer a phone, not just anyone can be a ready source of information and have answers for your volunteers and members. Our entire team takes responsibility for knowing our client portfolio of events, campaigns, and initiatives. When anyone in our office answers your phone, we provide a collective resource for dates, times, locations, and registration information.

Clerical:  Copying, Filing, Data Entry‚Ķ.all seemingly simple tasks that become problematic if not done well. Our professional approach means we pay attention to detail, efficient processes,and best practices.  Over time, you experience consistently high accuracy.

Core Administrative:  When you have a task or process that could be repeated multiple times by different people, and reasonably expect to get the same result, you have a core administrative task. These tasks benefit from consistent processes delivered carefully. Core Description.

Advanced Administrative: When you have a task or process that could be repeated multiple times by different people, and the results are reasonably divergent.   These tasks benefit from thoughtful Problem Solving and Project Management skills.  Advanced Description.

Specialist:  When you have a task or process that requires specialized knowledge or skills, and you would reasonably expect a significantly divergent result from different professionals.  Specialist Description.

Executive:  As you move into Focus on the Mission, you are moving into the Executive series of staffing solutions.

Our Mission:

Provide exceptional administrative and leadership solutions for extraordinary nonprofit organizations.

Among our core values, Sustainability matters to us.  We inspire Triple Bottom Line nonprofit entities.

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