We Like to Celebrate What is Right and Fun!

Plant Award:  Recognizing Leadership from our clients.

The objectives of Premium Solutions sending a PLANT monthly to an outstanding vendor/client/volunteer are:

  • Recognize what works well/right, hoping to replicate it and continue it, thereby making our job easier and our client’s success’s more frequent.
  • Create/Foster positive PR/Goodwill in the community that we are engaged in to help future business development efforts to solidify current client retention efforts.
  • Build teamwork and understanding within our group on what is exceptional.
  • Help us mark/emulate “best practices”.  A purposeful chance to formally recognize/celebrate that which is right/good in our world.

So, this is more than just a “thank you” gift….it should be something that raises eyebrows, impresses us, or fills a void.

PIG Award:  Recognizing Leadership from within

The Pretty Incredible Guy/Gal concept should recognize service and effort and accomplishment above and beyond the ordinary high standards that we all strive for.  I think we have kept pretty true to this, but good to keep this thought in mind when nominating someone for PIG.
International Talk Like a Pirate Day:  Sept 19th

This is a real thing....honest.  Check it out!

We celebrate this day every year, and even if we don't host a huge Pirate Party, we are certain to answer the phone with an AAAAARRRR matey all day long!

Our Mission:

Provide exceptional administrative and leadership solutions for extraordinary nonprofit organizations.

Among our core values, Sustainability matters to us.  We inspire Triple Bottom Line nonprofit entities.

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