Annual Intentional Staff Focus

2008: Continuous Improvement:  rotating staff lesson plan created for insertion into staff meetings, with 20 minute training modules.  Review our General Internal Policies.  Better Governance.

2009: Camaraderie and celebration:  Pig and Plant awards inception.  Board and member initial satisfaction surveys developed, seeking identification of relevant metrics for client satisfaction assessment.  Our pricing and cost analysis - relative to client value expected - added.  Celebrate what is working.

2010: Our expectations for our own working environment, what we call our "Culture Manifesto", created.  Continued internal process improvements and better technology research.  Client Manuals and the Premium Organization assessment checklist and automatic appendix created.  Evolving our Service Contracts, Monthly Invoicing, and monthly meeting processes to reflect contract terms, strategic goals, and service mix anticipated. Our own strategic planning initiated by starting with a stakeholder review process.  Teambuilding and internal support.

2011:  Team based client servicing.  Begin implementing Technology Revolution:  Access/mastery of integrated website tools collating membership databases, communications outreach options, event registration modules, bookkeeping and financial reporting, social media and website metrics, and building institutional memory tools for automatic population.  Efficiency and Process Improvement.

2012:  Technology Expansion and Capacity Building continuation: Communications/Messaging, Graphic Design, GUI awareness, Accounting and Compliance audits,  incorporation of Advocacy needs into customer service.  Metrics that Matter.

2013:  Communication Platform Expansion, Membership and Donor Value emphasis, Integrating Sustainability, Great Governance threaded into contracts and client discussions.  Membership value.

2014:  Communication Platform Expansion (more social media skill and attention to platforms like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter), Integrating and Marketing Sustainability into events and every day options, Great Governance. Board Governance awareness and skills building.

2015:  Copyrighting and Tailoring Premium Organization best practices, trainings and tools, original works, returning to Telling our Own Story better, process and program improvements in what we do. Client Service, Capacity Assessment and Awareness, Commitment.

2016:  Marketing Premium Organization On Line services, including our Client Resource Center.  External emphasis on coaching nonprofits on Sustainable Practice in Operations, Exceptional Governance, and Metrics that Matter.  Innovation, Bold Ideas, and some Time to Breathe.

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Our Mission:

Provide exceptional administrative and leadership solutions for extraordinary nonprofit organizations.

Among our core values, Sustainability matters to us.  We inspire Triple Bottom Line nonprofit entities.

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